About us

Pantoniou Trading Ltd, is an import and distribution company focus in high quality brands. The company's main goal is to keep a continuous and consistent supply of products to the customer's shelves. When customers do not find your products they will look for an alternative and it could be very difficult to win them back. It is not enough to have the best products, the products should be always available, and to achieve this goal you must work with a trustworthy distributor.

From the beginning, we are passionate about our business and the quality of the product portfolio. Today we are very proud for our brands. 

Doing the right thing.

Day by Day we grow in all aspects — and continue to every day — but our goals have remained the same. Have fun while working. Learn from the best. Focus on the essential. Cultivate openness and respect in all communication. Be friends with one another. Learn constantly. Share what we know.


Panayiotis A. Antoniou
Founder & General Manager
Panayiotis drives Pantoniou's strategic vision and leads the daily operations, including Sales. 
Panayiotis is passionate about people, sports, and really efficient processes.
Founder of Pantoniou Trading Ltd