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Fitella Musli

Fitella is a line of modern products created for young and active people who value a healthy lifestyle. Fitella products are not only healthy and tasty, but also available in convenient and handy packaging. Fitella is very popular brand among consumers.
>fiber source

>easy to take with you


Fitella Musli Strawberry

Strawberry muesli with chocolate. The perfect meal for breakfast or a snack during the day. The exquisite combination of chocolate and strawberries is one of the most preferred flavor combinations by women.

Fitella Musli Banana

Banana muesli with chocolate. It is an ideal energy boost that you can always have whenever you feel like. Always a great moment of pleasure.

Fitella Musli Coconnut

Coconut mousse is a portion of an exotic journey. Coconut mousse is breakfast cereal prepared on the basis of oat crunchy with a chocolate flavor, enriched with roasted coconut chips and chocolate. Thanks to the fiber and chocolate content, you provide the body with the necessary ingredients. Just add milk or yogurt to create the perfect meal.
Fitella Musli Tropical

It is the perfect snack during the day, which you can take with you everywhere. Tropical mousse combines grain and fruit - papaya, pineapple and banana. Crunchy cereal and banana crisps, chips and sweet pieces of pineapple and papaya fantastically replace the traditional breakfast. Just add milk or yogurd to compose your favorite meal.

Fitella Musli Cinnamon

Cinnamon muesli with pieces of apple is a portion of an aromatic pleasure . This is a great composition for those who like autumn, warm flavors. It is a snack that is a source of fiber, and thanks to the content of grain provides energy that you need every day. Cinnamon crunch and apple fruit, when added to milk, yogurt, can replace a standard breakfast or snack during the day.